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Transforming Oklahoma Landscapes
A pergola is a wooden framed structure that can be placed over an existing patio or built as part of a walkway. The arbor sometimes has a latticework roof and trellis structure on which plants are trained to grow. Pergola are used both as passageways and as shady spots to rest. They help set the mood of your landscaping and define your exterior style.

All our pergolas are custom built to accomodate each clients unique  out door  living space and landscape design. Call today for a free design consultation.

Custom Outdoor Living Designs
Those who choose cedar are making an aesthetic and environmentally friendly choice, as cedar is beautiful, functional, and a renewable resource. Vertical segments of cedar create an interesting variation of color. A wide sill lifts up foliage to catch sun and rain. Add these planters to any Arbor, Pergola or Bench to beautify your landscape design. These are sold seperately or can be included in a Pergola-Arbor package.
Within the last 10 years there has been a great shift in landscaping trends. Out are straight lines and perfectly manipulated hedges. In, are flowing curves and plants allowed to grow into their natural shapes. It is true that often the architecture of the home, or desires of the homeowner, will call for formal structure, but more homeowners today want a relaxed look and low maintenance.Boulders exemplify the natural garden and add a wild texture, color and form to the landscape.theme. We can include moss rocks or boulders into your current landscape future designs.

Home owners have many choices for natural stone paving to give a great look to yard or garden pathways.  Natural stone is among the most popular options in a wide range of design choices for artistic, quality pathways around a home or property.  Flagstones or natural stone pieces laid in an organic pattern provide an authentic rustic look. Add our custom built bench with matching cedar planter boxes to this beautiful walkway to provide a tranquil seating area  in your garden. 
We are excited to offer our newest service this season. Add value to your property with this distinctive continous concrete edging design.

Controls mulch and keep out unwanted grass.

Multiple colors and design options will not rust like steel, decompose like wood and break like plastic.

Installs quickly without disturbing existing beds.

Easy to trim and edge after mowing.
Acid Stain creates the appearance of expensive flooring at a fraction of the cost.

Available for commercial and residential, exterior or interior installations.

Provides a clean/attractive look to floors driveways, patio's, walkways and entrances.

Blends with other interior/exterior finishes.

Stamped Concrete and Overlays adds new refreshing look to plain gray concrete.

Many styles and patterns to choose from.

1/3 the cost of replacing concrete.

Installs over existing concrete.

Commercial and residential installation.

Over 42 colors available.

Long lasting finishes.

Low maintenance.

Order your custom made planter boxes available in cedar, pine, oak or painted
This page was last updated: November 14, 2018